Book:  The Horse, The Dragon, & The 10,000 Things

Book: The Horse, The Dragon, & The 10,000 Things

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Deborah Adams, Owner of The Wellness Spa would like to share this book with you and your family as an opportunity for stress healing from home.

The Horse, The Dragon and The 10,000 Things was written as an introduction to the magical mysteries of Chinese culture and an easy and entertaining way to teach children how to cope with their own stress, and feel empowered in their surroundings. It includes references from the Chinese Zodiac, the Five Elements of Feng Shui and the Medicine Wheel, and shares the concept of Qi (‘chee’) or what Western culture best describes as “energy” or “lifeforce.” It is an introduction into the complex study of Tai Chi & Qigong (‘chee gung’) and the healing benefits for what the ancient Chinese considered the five main organs of the body: lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. Five is an influential number in many Chinese practices and beliefs, and references of “Five” can be found throughout Chinese history, as can the number 10,000 which is easiest summarized as “everything else in the world.” Revered Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu, referred to the 10,000 Things often in the Tao Te Cheng and it appears in Chinese poetry, art and writings. This book introduces some of these traditional Chinese concepts and opens a doorway into the world of mythical Chinese beliefs, but its true intention is to teach children how to relieve stress through gentle movements, focused breathing and guided imagery with meditation.